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Made With You in Mind

Posted by Janelle Lowe on

Artisanal, Bespoke, Hand Made, Hand Crafted, Maker Made...these adjectives all describe the clothing made by my small company. But they do not fully encompass my mission, and my vision.  Because my passion is in making clothing for a special group of women, my plus size sisters. We come in all shapes, sizes, colors and ages, but most often we can bond because we share a very particular pain; that of being ignored, laughed at, harassed, even abused, solely because of our size, at at least one point in our lives.  And I’d be lying if I said that those searing memories, on auto replay  in our minds, that those memories are easy to shed. They are not. I don’t have the answer on that count, other than to repeat to myself, that that thing that was said, that was not, and is not,  the truth.  The truth is we are all worthy of being seen, heard, and loved, exactly as we are.  So that’s the feeling that I am trying to inject into my clothing.   I don’t want you to be trendy, or follow the latest fashion (unless it suits you!). I want you to have clothing that reflects your heart, your personality, and that makes you feel happy and at ease.  Your clothing should work for you,it should comfort you, not be a source of anxiety or vulnerability.  And what I really aim for, the thing that makes my day,  is when  your clothing gives you joy.  


The term “slow fashion” speaks to this concept. High quality garments that are individually made for you, with your particular desires in mind, instead of mass produced, disposable fashion. Yes, items will cost more, but they will help you feel your best for years to come. And we can help you create your own personal style which is timeless, and declares to the world that you are someone who values quality, and doesn’t settle for second best.


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