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100% Cotton Jersey "Hard Finish" Knit - 10 oz - dusty maroon

SKU: FBTY-C3-dusmar

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Fabric  Name: Cotton Jersey -10 oz. - dusty maroon

Width:   58" / 60"

Content: 100% cotton

Weight:   10 oz. or 340 gsm

Description:  10 oz weight. This is a substantial  jersey knit fabric. It has a fair amount of  body with a sort of "hard, crunchy" finish to it ; it will stand away from your body without "sticking".   Cotton Jersey stretches about 30%. (Cotton Spandex Jersey stretches about 60%). 

Care:  machine wash / tumble dry OR hang to dry*

Shrinkage:  for maroon color only - 8% vertical shrinkage straight out of the dryer

- after wearing or pulling, it relaxes back to 5% vertical shrinkage/ horizontal 1 %   

*We recommend laundering your fabric yardage to pre-shrink your fabric before cutting and sewing.