C3 - 100% Cotton Jersey Knit - 10 oz - royal purple *


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Fabric  Name: Cotton Jersey -10 oz. - royal purple * (a 1 star fabric)

Content: 100% cotton

Description:  10 oz weight. This is a very soft-yet-substantial,  jersey knit fabric. 10 oz weight. It has a little less body than our cotton spandex jersey; it falls nicely on your body without "sticking".  Soft and a little silky feeling. The Cotton Jersey stretches about 30%, whereas Cotton Spandex Jersey stretches about 60%, and it will have a better recovery than the plain cotton jersey.  

Care:  machine wash / tumble dry OR hang to dry*

Shrinkage: vertical 5 % (varies between colors and rolls) / horizontal 5 %   

*if you hang your garment to dry instead of machine drying it, you do not need to worry about shrinkage.                    



    available styles

    Items that work well in Cotton Jersey knit fabric. 

    Styles available only in Cotton Jersey Knits

    Knit fabric styles

    Very stretchy knit fabric styles

    Pant and jacket styles

    Drapey fabric styles

    Any fabric styles


    *we check each and every order that comes in for fabric / style compatibility.  If something seems off, or we just don't think the selection is good for the style, we will definitely contact you to discuss options.