P4.8 - Stretch Poly Gabardine - brown **

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Fabric  Name: Stretch Poly Gabardine - black ** (a 2 star fabric)

Content: 60% poly / 35% rayon / 5% spandex

Description:   A medium - heavy weight, stretch woven twill fabric that is very durable, stretchy and soft. Great for pants or suits. This fabric is completely wash and wear, and resists wrinkles.   

Care:  machine wash / tumble dry*   

Shrinkage: vertical 0% / horizontal 0%   




    available styles

    Items that work well in Stretch Poly Gabardine fabric. 

    Stretch woven fabric styles

    Pant and jacket styles

    Any fabric styles

     Photo shows the Paula Jacket J196 and Flirty Skirt S247 on model.  Mannequin shows the Jessica Dress A94.

    *we check each and every order that comes in for fabric / style compatibility.  If something seems off, or we just don't think the selection is good for the style, we will definitely contact you to discuss options.