C25.8 - Hand Printed Cotton Cambric - tuscan floral ***

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Print Name:  Hand Printed Cotton Cambric - tuscan floral *** (3 Stars)

Fabric: 100% Cotton - Woven, non-stretch

Description:  This is a light weight fabric. Cambric weave is soft and flexible, it gets a bit pebbled once it is laundered. It has good drape. The design is hand printed on to the fabric with carved wooden blocks.   This floral design is an unusual but enchanting color combination of pale rose, ochre, and bits of green on an agean blue background.  It does have a border print, so we will utilize that when possible. This is a light weight fabric, but with good print coverage, so it's not see through.  This pattern coordinates with the L2 Medium Weight Linen in colors Bronze or Pear Green quite nicely!  See the "more info" tab for a description of the printing process. 

Care: Machine Wash Cold / Tumble Dry

Shrinkage: Vertical 2 % *

                  Horizontal 0%

*if you hang your garment to dry instead of machine drying it, you do not need to worry about shrinkage.

more info

The Art of Block Printing

The printing is a process called Block Printing, were either wood or metal blocks are hand carved by artists with their chosen design. The blocks are then dipped into the dyes, then stamped onto the fabric. First they stamp the outline of the design, and then other blocks are used to fill in the different colors. Dyes used are usually vegetable dyes, although sometimes mineral and non toxic chemicals are also used.  

wood blocks

carved wood blocks


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