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our story

How Love Your Peaches came to be…


Janelle Lowe, Founder of Love Your PeachesI have been some version of fat my whole adult life.

Getting dressed felt like going through a minefield when picking out my outfits for each day. This shirt is too short, that one the sleeves pinch, or the neckline gapes, or the fabric sticks to my body. And on. And on. It felt like a thousand different problems that seemed to pop up with each choice, and my anxiety would build into frustration.

Then I realized, the problem was not with my body. It was the cookie cutter clothing that filled my closet.

So I started making my own clothes. Then clothes for other plus size women. Where each item was made to order FOR THAT WOMAN. Because we most definitely DO NOT have cookie cutter bodies.

And Love Your Peaches was born, almost 25 years ago.

My personal wardrobe battle is over. No more negative energy stressing about what to wear. My Peaches clothing not only looks good, it makes me FEEL good. Like I can take that bull by the horns, each and every day.

I look forward to sharing that feeling with each of you!


Janelle Lowe - Owner  / Designer