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special requests

Most Peaches styles are already available with many standardized options, especially in our
Peaches Plus collection.  
But if you find yourself wanting even more...


in a nutshell

Simple changes (shorter, wider, lower, e.g.) will be $2.

More complex style changes will fall in the range of $5 - $50.

You can contact us in advance to discuss, or there’s a spot on the order form to tell us your desires when you place your order.


more details

At Peaches we cut to order, which means that we can take your special requests to customize a Peaches garment. There's a spot on the order form for you to tell us what you want at the time of ordering. Alternately, you can contact us in advance to discuss your options.

Almost all of the items on the website already have the option of picking your sleeve length, garment length, pockets. Many styles also have neckline options.

In addition, we can do other things such as:

Higher, or lower necklines $2
Lengthen or shorten sleeves $2
Cut a combination size. (For example, make a tunic 3x through the bust, but 4x through the hips) $2
Make anything shorter $2
Make anything longer $2 + additional fabric charge
Making things wider (a straight line, like a skirt) $2
Add pockets, either in-seam, patch or kangaroo $5
Slit (adding, or changing length) $2 per
Uneven hems (shorter in front, longer in back, or vice versa) $2 per

Other changes are possible, but they may require a custom pattern, for which there is a one-time $50 fee. Pretty much anytime you make a change that involves a curved line, that means that we need to make a pattern in order to be able to replicate it again.

Examples of this would be:

  • Changes to an armhole or width of a sleeve
  • Making a neckline narrower or wider
  • Extra flaring on some A-line shapes

Clearly, it’s difficult to cover all instances of the variety of Special Requests possible, but these will give you an idea of what we can do. In general, most small changes will result in a $2 fee. Large changes may result in up to a one-time $50 fee (for making a pattern). If you have any questions, please feel free to email me, janelle@loveyourpeaches.com, or call 845-216-2997.

*If changes other than length are made to a Peaches style, it MAY not be a returnable item. Please ask if that is a concern for you. If length is the only change, you man still return the item for a refund.

**Any additional fees will not be charged to your credit card before we have discussed your special requests and possible resulting fees with you. We need your approval for any additional fees before processing any credit cards.