C18.1 - Premium Flannel - moody blues plaid***

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Fabric  Name:  Premium Flannel - moody blues plaid *** (a 3 star fabric)

Content: 100% cotton 

Construction:  woven, non-stretch 

Description:  This is a  premium quality, cozy, double-brushed flannel fabric, 6 1/2 oz weight. The individual yarns are 2-ply, which makes the fabric thicker, softer, and warmer (heavy enough for a light jacket). It is a yarn dyed (not a print) plaid pattern in shades of blue, from light periwinkle through navy.   It looks great paired with denim. 

Care:  machine wash / tumble dry or hang dry to avoid shrinkage

Shrinkage: vertical 3% / horizontal 3%   

*if you hang your garment to dry instead of machine drying it, you do not need to worry about shrinkage.                    



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    *we check each and every order that comes in for fabric / style compatibility.  If something seems off, or we just don't think the selection is good for the style, we will definitely contact you to discuss options.