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Kimono Style Winter Coat - lined

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The Kimono Style Winter Coat

  • generous A-line shape 
  • center back box pleat for extra room
  • deep armholes that won't feel restrictive
  • choice of lapels:   notched at the bottom or cut straight across
  • pocket options:  side seam, classic welted, or none
  • different lining options, see fabric info
  • standard length starts at 39"

Our apologies on the photo, we had a bit of a modeling mix up...the coat we're showing is our largest size, the XXL, in 39" long. I'm just modeling it so show the lines a bit better than it being on a hangar. 



Soft, solid black brushed wool coating fabric, dry clean only.

Different lining options:

First, a standard, light weight, anti-static lining that is available in either bright pink (shown), or black. 

Or, if you need a very heavy winter coat, we also have a luxurious Kasha lining, a very heavy, flannel-back satin lining, what is traditionally used to line a fur coat.  This is available in black only.

size chart

The size chart below refers to your body measurements. 

garment specs

Bust / Hip @ 26" down / Sweep (at hemline of a 39" jacket) / Bicep (circumference) measurements for this style are: 

Small (1x/2x)- 64"/74"/83"/26", Medium (3x/4x)- 72"/80"/90"/28", 

Large (5x/6x)- 80"/88"/ 100"/30 1/2", *XL (7x/8x)- 90"/96"/108"/35",

 **XXL (9x/10x)- 102"/110"/120"/37"

*in larger sizes, depending on the fabric, we may need to add seams

**sweep increases with longer lengths 



cut and sew

Have your own fabric? Send it to us and we will cut and sew it for you!

Our cut and sew charge for the lined coat would be $158 without pockets, $163 with side seam pockets, $185 with welted pockets. 

If you wish to use Peaches lining fabric, it would be an additional $30 for the light weight linings, and $80 for the heavy Kasha lining.

For this style as shown, for most sizes, you need 4 yards of 58/60" wide fabric.

For size Large and XL 4 1/2 yards, and for XXL, 4 3/4 yards.

You'll also need the same amount for lining.

This style works for both stretch and non-stretch fabrics, but it whichever it is, it shouldn't be too stiff.

If you want it much longer than 40", you'll need extra fabric.