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P6 - Polar Fleece Knit - black **


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Fabric  Name: Polar Fleece - black ** (a 2 star fabric)

                      (Also known as Polartec )

*this fabric is currently unavailable as a stocked fabric.   We are reducing our man-made fiber fabric inventory, in a shift towards carrying more natural fibers.   We can stlll  make things in this fabric as a special order, in many colors,  just not stocking the fabric now.   Please contact us if you're interested in doing a special order.

Content: 100% poly

Description:   Our Polar Fleece is anti- pill, with soft pile on both sides. Great for cool weather, it's thick but light weight, and cozy warm!

Care:  machine wash / hang dry* 

           *you can put this fabric in the dryer, but we find it stays looking new much longer if you don't.   It air dries very quickly, too. 

Shrinkage: vertical 0% / horizontal 0%*

*It will appear to have shrunken more when you first pull it out of the dryer, but the fabric relaxes with stretching / body warmth, and the circumference dimensions come back. Somewhat on the length too.   



    available styles

    Items that work well in Polar Fleece fabric. 

    Sweater-y fabric styles

    Knit fabric styles

    Pant and jacket styles

    Any fabric styles

    Loungewear fabric styles

    Reversible fabric styles

    Photo shows Cape J426.

    *we check each and every order that comes in for fabric / style compatibility.  If something seems off, or we just don't think the selection is good for the style, we will definitely contact you to discuss options.