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SW - Swimsuit Fabric - white


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Fabric  Name:    Swimsuit Fabric Solids - white (always fully lined)

Content: 80% nylon / 20% spandex 

Description:  This is a standard swimsuit fabric, with 4 - way stretch, matte finish.     

Care:  hand wash cold / hang dry 

In terms of our swimwear fabric quality.   It is an industry standard swimsuit fabric similar to what you would find in a store.  Because suits are used in a wide variety of circumstances, we cannot make any guarantees about how long a suit will last.   A year or two is common, but it does depend on usage. Unfortunately, all the things that kill spandex, are all the things that are involved with swimming...heat (both wet and dry), salt, various chemicals used in pools, sunlight etc.     

Only our solid black fabric is a truly chlorine resistant fabric, that seems to last about 3 times as long as the other colors/prints.  




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    *we check each and every order that comes in for fabric / style compatibility.  If something seems off, or we just don't think the selection is good for the style, we will definitely contact you to discuss options.