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My not-so-Instagram Life

Posted by Janelle Lowe on

Or, Musings on Things I Failed at in 2020.

Some people might say:

I ate too much.  I drank too much. I cried too much.

Or maybe it was just the right amount.

I didn’t clean  as much as I should have, 

and barely-not-really kept my yard up to neighborhood standards.

Some days I didn’t shower.  

I didn’t connect with as many friends as I wanted to, or learn a new language as I planned. 

(well, ok, I did get in a few words of Hindi, and learned the lyrics to Guantanamera in Spanish, so that’s not nothing)

It’s entirely possible that some of my financial decisions were not optimal. 

I cancelled my annual physical. Twice.  

I did not create all that I dreamed of.

But,  f*&k it, I survived.    

(apparently my goal to stop swearing so much is also in the dumpster)

And I refuse to feel even a tiny bit bad about any of this, with the exception of not connecting with friends more. 

Because those are the people who will love me always, despite all the supposed shortcomings listed. 

I’ll try to do better with that in 2021. 

Here's to a new year, cheers!


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  • Happy Not 2020 – to you, dear Janelle, and to all of us. Welcome 2021! Personally, I’m just grateful to be invited. And all I know is; the only way we can get through it – any of it – is together.

    Carla on

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